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Centrefeed White Rolls 2ply 145m (6pcs)

Centrefeed White Rolls 2ply 145m (6pcs)

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Efficiency Meets Comfort: 2 Ply Centrefeed White Rolls 145m (6pcs)

Introducing the 2 Ply Centrefeed White Rolls 145m (6pcs), your ultimate choice for a balance between efficiency and comfort in cleaning. With a pack of six rolls, each offering 145 meters of 2-ply absorbent material, these white rolls are engineered to elevate your cleaning experience.

Optimal Absorbency: The 2-ply design of these white rolls ensures excellent absorbency, making them perfect for tackling spills, wiping surfaces, and cleaning tasks with ease.

Generous Quantity: With six rolls in each pack, you'll have an ample supply of 2-ply centrefeed white rolls to cater to your cleaning needs over an extended period.

Convenient Dispensing: The centrefeed format allows for convenient and controlled dispensing, making it effortless to tear off the required amount of paper for each task.

Durable Performance: Crafted with durability in mind, these 2-ply white rolls are not only absorbent but also sturdy, providing you with a reliable cleaning solution.

Whether it's in a busy professional setting or your home, 2 Ply Centrefeed White Rolls 145m (6pcs) offer a harmonious blend of efficiency and comfort. Elevate your cleaning routine with the superior absorbency and convenience of these 2-ply white rolls.

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