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Twist & Seal Cassette (Pack of 6)

Twist & Seal Cassette (Pack of 6)

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Elevate Nappy Disposal with Eco-Friendly Twist & Click Refill Cassettes (6pcs)

Embrace an eco-conscious approach to nappy disposal with our 6-pack of Twist & Click Refill Cassettes. Designed to prioritize both your baby's well-being and the environment, these cassettes are a testament to sustainable innovation. Crafted from 98% recycled and recyclable plastic and infused with sustainably sourced sugarcane, these cassettes are your eco-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

Revolutionary Odor Control:

The Twist & Click Nappy Bin is a groundbreaking solution that takes hygiene to the next level. It's the only nappy bin that individually wraps and twists each nappy, effectively sealing away odors and germs. Powered by the advanced GREENFILM, this multilayer, antibacterial technology sets a new standard. It's a true powerhouse, offering 100x more effectiveness than ordinary nappy sacks. Biomaster* protected, it annihilates 99% of harmful germs like E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus upon contact, curbing unpleasant odors at their source.

Safety and Sustainability:

Our commitment to your family's well-being is paramount. Antibacterial protection is embedded exclusively in the film, creating a safe and clean environment. The presence of Biomaster silver biocide, tested to ISO 22196-2011, underscores our dedication to both hygiene and sustainability.

Conscious Choice:

Each pack includes 6 Eco-Friendly Twist & Click Nappy Bin Refill Cassettes, providing a harmonious blend of hygiene, health, and eco-conscious living. Make a conscious choice for your baby, your home, and the planet by opting for our innovative and sustainable solution.

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