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Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner (750ml)

Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner (750ml)

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Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner: Your Ultimate Hygiene Solution

Experience the power of cleanliness with the SC Johnson Professional Mr Muscle® Multi-Surface Cleaner. This versatile cleaner is a germ-fighting powerhouse, eliminating 99.99% of germs to ensure a hygienic environment.

Crafted with a potent formula, this cleaner is specifically designed to combat tough grease and grime commonly found in commercial and workplace kitchens. With its exceptional cleaning capabilities, it effortlessly removes stubborn residue, leaving surfaces pristine and spotless.

But the benefits don't stop there. The Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner also proves its mettle in busy washrooms, where it effectively erases soap scum and tenacious grime. Say goodbye to the challenges of maintaining clean and sanitary washroom spaces.

Elevate your cleaning routine with the reliability and performance of the Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner. Make a proactive choice for a germ-free and sparkling-clean environment.

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